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Excerpt from Spirit Of Error. Wordpress. com: I just finished reading C. Peter Wagner’s new book, Apostles Today (Regal Books), and plan to comment on it in upcoming posts. In this book, like Wagner’s past books, he argues that modern “apostles” have an extraordinary amount of authority that Christians must submit to — or else be outside of God’s will.

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Should Christians Experience the Supernatural?

Excerpt from Spirit Of Error Webpage: The February 2007 issue of Charisma magazine (pictured here) featured an article by Patricia King, titled “Living in the Throne Room. King (a “prophet” in the apostolic-prophetic movement and founder of Extreme Prophetic Television in Canada) argues that supernatural experiences — like seeing the Lord on His throne, being visited by angels, or being transported from one geographical location to another by the Holy Spirit — should be a “normal part of a believer’s experience.”

Disturbing Legacy of Charisma Magazine

The August 2000 issue of Charisma celebrated the magazine’s 25th anniversary. The issue revisited 25 people featured on its covers during its 2-1/2 decades of publication.

Charisma Magazine Outright Endorses Angel-Feathers-Falling-Down-From-Heaven Doctrine

Excerpt from In The Dust Of Yeshua. Wordpress. com: The most recent article published in Charisma Magazine clearly and brazenly endorses the angel-feathers-falling-from-heaven doctrine now permeating the Church. I believe in signs and wonders, but not tiny feathers that would seem to indicate that God’s eternal, glorious angels are only 3 inches tall–and shed their worn-out feathers. The Lord Jesus Christ is not sending angel feathers down from heaven, no matter what Charisma publishes, no matter what Patricia King says, no matter what named green angels say.

Let These Prophets NOT Prophesy

A Recent article appeared in Charisma

Letter to the Editor: Devastated in the Bible Belt Over Churches and Pastors Lack of Discernment—And Charisma Magazine’s Blatant Promotion of Emergent/Contemplative


Dear Lighthouse Trails:

I wanted to thank you for your tremendously exhaustive efforts to uncover the dangerous deception happening in and to the Church. I was all too aware of the New Age movement, having been seduced into it through massage school, persuaded by my very New Age instructors that it was completely cohesive with my Christian faith. It took me at least 2 years to fully see the lies, manipulations and dangers in these teaching and in the “gifts” and abilities I’d “discovered” through their teachings. I had heard of contemplative prayer awhile back and researched it, quickly discovering it was nothing more than the same New Age paganism I had learned but with a Jesus sticker slapped on it. Sadly, I was under the impression that only a minority of “Christians” practiced these heathen rituals.

Through heartbreaking and tragic, though blessedly awakening, events and circumstances, I became aware of just how deeply seeded and prevalent the New Age had already worked its way into the churches in our average communities, even here in the Bible Belt. These pagan practices were no longer “out there” or only held by a few oddball “Christians” who had always been a bit sketchy in their beliefs but were now being promoted from the pulpit. They were being taught and touted by a church highly regarded in our community and offered to all who were willing, including my broken, desperate, and alcoholic husband in his weakest hours, finally yielding to his heart being wrecked by God. You can imagine what it did to his spirit when the hand he was reaching for and found hope in was uncovered and exposed for the lies and danger it truly was, only to have another one offered by another church, offering hope from the likes of Rick Warren and then finding out the truth about him.

Devastated doesn’t begin to describe how I feel right now in regard to how the church has “helped” my family in our most desperate hour. And, it would seem, many of our pastors were not only completely unaware, or had no discernment to recognize Jezebel, but had never even heard of contemplative spirituality, the emergent church, or her various other heretical teachings.

This is my fear: that there is either no discernment left in the church, or they see the truth but have willfully determined to turn away from it. I’ve become more and more uneasy about what is being circulated and promoted through the evangelical community and specifically what is being published through Charisma Magazine and its website. They’ve been very generous with their space given to many emergent leaders and sympathizers, negligent in their silence on the contemplative/emergent movement, implying ignorance at best, support at worst, but I was stunned to find the articles linked below.

I truly didn’t expect to find such blatant promotion of the emergent agenda in a world-wide evangelical publication just yet. In case you haven’t seen these articles, I’ve linked them below. I know much of the content on Charisma’s site has lacked discernment and scripturally sound exegesis for quite some time, but this took things to a new level. It seems to me a bold step that has potentially tremendous implications for the very near future.

God bless you for all your work in protecting the true Gospel and loving us enough to speak the truth when few want to hear it. I pray you will continue for as long as our eyes need uncovering and our hearts need to be awakened. Your ministry has made a life-altering impact on my heart, and I feel an urgency to share this message with anyone and everyone who will hear. I believe God is using your ministry as a vessel to warn, call, and equip those who will listen to go and wake the rest who slumber. I pray we will not be found silent and empty-handed.

Sincerely yours in Christ,



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A Voice Calling Out, by James W. Goll

PIC FROM ARTICLE: Contemplative prayer is crucial in our walk with Christ. (Lightstock )

Contemplative prayer often has been relegated to ancient church history. But God is restoring it as a means to develop intimacy with Him.

I have found that the most direct road to greater intimacy with God has come through the practice or discipline of an almost lost art in the fast-paced church of today—something called contemplative prayer. More than a decade ago, this type of prayer came to my attention through some experiences God ordained, and since that time it has become one of the central features of my walk with God.

When I first began to practice it, I spent one full year reading only the Bible and the writings of the earliest Christian leaders, commonly known as the "desert fathers." The more I read, the more I realized I was on familiar ground. This was a road I was already walking on to some extent.

Contemplative prayer is all about the quest for intimacy with God. The Bible is full of references to this quest:

"But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord" (2 Cor. 3:18).

"Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth" (Ps. 46:10).

"Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God" (Heb. 12:2).

Contemplative prayer is an ancient Christian practice that has not been widely known or practiced in many evangelical and charismatic ranks, but I believe the Spirit of God is restoring it to the broader body of Christ in our day.

In contemplative prayer, we as Christians do not relate to God primarily as the one who sits on His throne in heaven; we connect with Him instead, through the reality of our new birth in Christ, as the one who has taken up residence inside us. We each have a throne in our hearts where He dwells in a very personal way.

Richard J. Foster, a Quaker and author of the modern-day Christian classics Celebration of Discipline and Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home, is a longtime student of various forms of prayer. Through his studies and experience, he has encapsulated contemplative prayer into three stages: recollection, the prayer of quiet and spiritual ecstasy.

Recollection. Phase one is recollection, which means letting go of all competing distractions. That is the idea behind Psalm 46:10: "Be still, and know that I am God."

Some translations literally say it this way: "Relax and let go, and know that I am God."

There is a correlation here between the inner knowing, in a revelatory way, of God's great love for us, and repentance on our part. "Repentance" means to turn away from sin and turn to God. In recollection, it means turning away from all competing distractions in order to focus on the Lord and His presence.

While resting in quietness, we ask the Holy Spirit to make Jesus real to us and close off everything else. Foster teaches that one way to do this is to see Jesus sitting in a chair across from us. He truly is present, but sometimes we need help to visualize that reality. God created our imagination and, like every other faculty we possess, we need to sanctify it, surrender it and use it for God's purposes.

Our ability to flow in the gift of working of miracles, including creative miracles, comes in part from our surrendering to the Lord our imagination, because that is where we begin to believe the impossible. Utilizing our imagination in contemplation is perfectly appropriate and one of the best uses to which we can put it when we ask God to sanctify and fill our senses with His Spirit. This is not the same as New Age imaging, but simply what Brother Lawrence called "the practice of the presence of God."

If frustrations and distractions press in on us, then we need a strategy for shutting them out. Madame Jeanne Guyon, the French Christian mystic of the late 17th and early 18th centuries and a pioneer of contemplative prayer, recommended meditating on Scripture for this purpose. She wrote that when competing distractions vie for our attention, we should muse, meditate, ponder and mutter upon Scripture. Meditating on Scripture helps us refocus our attention on the Lord.

The prayer of quiet. As we grow accustomed to the unifying grace of recollection, we are ushered into the second phase of contemplative prayer—what St. Teresa of Avila and many others called "the center of quiet," or the prayer of quiet.

Through recollection we have put away all obstacles of the heart, all distractions of the mind and all vacillations of the will. Divine graces of love and adoration wash over us like ocean waves, and at the center of our being we are hushed. There is a stillness, to be sure, but it is a listening stillness. Something deep inside of us has been awakened and brought to attention, and our spirit now is on tiptoe, alert and listening. Then comes an inward steady gaze of the heart, sometimes called "beholding the Lord."

Now we bask in the warmth of His dear embrace. As we wait before God, He graciously gives us a teachable spirit. Our goal, of course, is to bring this contentment into everyday expressions of life, but this does not normally come quickly to us.

However, as we experience more and more of the inward attentiveness to His divine whisper, we will begin to carry His presence throughout our day. Just as smoke is absorbed into our clothing and we carry its smell with us, so the aroma of God's presence begins to seep into our being, and we become carriers of His fragrance wherever we go.

Spiritual ecstasy. The third phase of contemplative prayer is spiritual ecstasy. Anyone who has ever been around prophetic, seer-type people knows that they tend to be quiet in nature. They calm themselves, many times even closing their eyes, and wait in an almost passive repose. In that place of quiet detachment from the reality around them, illumination—the spirit of revelation—is granted, and their being becomes filled with God's pictures, God's thoughts and God's heart.

This is the way it works with me. I apply the blood of Christ to my life and quiet my external being. Then I worship the Lord and bask in the beauty of His presence. Then He takes me into rooms permeated with the light of His love and fills my being with visions He desires me to see. At times, I am so captured by His love that He leads me up higher into a heavenly place where my spirit seems to soar.

Spiritual ecstasy, the final step in contemplative prayer, is not an activity we undertake but a work God does in us. Ecstasy is contemplative prayer taken to the nth degree. Even recognized authorities in the contemplative prayer life acknowledge that it is generally a fleeting experience rather than a staple diet.

Another way to describe the ecstatic state is to be "inebriated" with God's presence. To an outside observer, someone caught up into the realm of the Spirit and taken to a rapturous place may appear drunk. The essence of this experience is to be overwhelmed with God's presence, whether or not we see any pictures or hear any words.

Ultimately, the goal of our passionate pursuit is not an experience at all, but Christ Himself. As we learn to be still and know that He is God and commune with Him in our inner being, we will realize that we were created for fellowship with Him—and our inward life will provide the power for us to go forth to do His works.



MY NOTE: James Goll is a false prophet. CLICK ON THIS LINK to see why:

Charisma Magazine = NAR?


EXCERPT: Flip through the pages of any recent issue of Charisma magazine, and you can’t miss them–the NAR apostles and prophets, that is. They’re everywhere. Their smiling faces appear next to reports on their latest prophetic words, promotions of their newest books, and advertisements for upcoming NAR events.
For those who don’t know, “NAR” is short-hand for the “New Apostolic Reformation“–a movement of present-day apostles and prophets who are seeking to rule the church and set up God’s earthly kingdom before Christ returns. This movement is also sometimes called the “apostolic-prophetic” movement. But, whatever you want to call it, it presents one of the most significant challenges to Christian orthodoxy today.
And this movement is growing quickly–thanks, in no small part, to Charisma Media and its flagship publication, Charisma magazine. Charisma magazine–the printed edition–has a readership of 240,000, made up mostly of people who attend Pentecostal and independent charismatic churches. Yet–based on the amount of ink given to NAR apostles and prophets in each issue–it is obvious that the people behind Charisma are dead-set on mainstreaming the NAR movement and its aberrant teachings.
Then, again, this should come as no surprise. After all, the magazine’s founder and publisher, Stephen Strang, and its long-time former editor of 11 years, J. Lee Grady (who still serves as a contributing editor), have both sat as apostles on the International Coalition of Apostles. And they continue to take part in NAR gatherings, such as a recent Awakening Conference in Anchorage, Alaska, featuring Grady.
Here are some of the NAR leaders and their teachings that appeared in the March 2012 edition of Charisma.
NAR pastor Bill Johnson wrote the cover article titled “You’ve Got the Power!” (page 24)
Apostle Randy Clark wrote an article on the “global revival” (page 34)
A full-page advertisement featured two upcoming NAR conferences to be held at Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, Calif: Revival Alliance Conference on April 12-15, and LeaderSHIFT Conference on June 7-10 (page 11)
An advertisement featured a “Voice of the Prophets” conference to be held in Camp Hill, Penn., on April 18-21. NAR prophets who were featured in the advertisement included Randy Clark, Graham Cooke and Rick Joyner.
NAR apostle Cal Pierce (director of The Healing Rooms Ministries in Spokane, Wash.) wrote a full-page article titled “A Holy Spirit Healing” (page 22)
An advertisement featured a book by NAR leaders Bill Johnson and Randy Clark titled The Essential Guide to Healing (page 29)
An article sidebar titled “God’s Arsonists” identified the major leaders of today’s global revival, including NAR leaders Bill Johnson, Supresa Sithole, and Rolland and Heidi Baker (page 37)
An advertisement featured a book by NAR prophet Kris Vallotton titled Spirit Wars (page 49)
A full-advertisement featured a book by apostle Guillermo Maldonado titled How to Operate in the Supernatural Power of God (page 62)
An article titled “The List: What’s Trending in March” featured an NAR conference titled “Prophetic Fire: Ablaze in Glory,” featuring NAR leaders Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda (page 64)
A full-page article offering “Prophetic Insight” was written by apostle Kimberly Daniels (page 68)
An advertisement featured a “Prayer & Prophetic Gathering” in Jacksonville, Fla., hosted by apostles John Eckhardt and Kimberly Daniels (page 75)
A full-page, back cover advertisement featured the “International School of Ministry,” which offers curriculum taught by prophets and apostles
To be clear, not all the articles and advertisements listed above mentioned the words “apostle” or “prophet.” But, by digging a little deeper, the NAR affiliations can be uncovered.
It bears emphasizing that all the above features on NAR leaders appeared in just a single issue of Charisma magazine. The November 2011 issue printed a (woefully inadequate) defense of the New Apostolic Reformation by its most vocal promoter, apostle C. Peter Wagner. In the article, titled “The Truth About the New Apostolic Reformation,” Wagner told anything but the truth– not only by downplaying the NAR dominionist agenda, but also by denying that the movement is seeking to change any church doctrine. (If trying to restore apostolic leadership to the church and promoting extra-biblical revelation aren’t examples of efforts to change church doctrine, then I don’t know what is.) Wagner also denied that the NAR movement promotes any heresy, though I would beg to differ as prominent NAR leaders promote both Manifest Sons of God teaching and Open Theism. But I digress.
All this is to say that Charisma magazine has been a major force behind the growth of the NAR movement.




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