There many remedies on the list. MUST SEE!

REMEMBER: This is not medical advice by any means. These have worked for others, and your welcome to try them if you'd like.



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Healing with Turpentine

Published on Jul 7, 2013

Herbalist shows you how to use turpentine using either honey or an oil as a carrier

With apprehension I wanted to put this together for arthritis pain in my hip and knees. So last night I took it for the first time. It worked great!

I used six tablespoons of liquid HONEY type, the healthy kind. Then I put two tablespoons of turpentine (prefer "Diamond G Forest" Product) in with the honey in a GLASS LARGE MEASURING CUP. I mixed this together real good with a stainless steel whipper. Then I added 1/2 cup PEANUT OIL, the good kind and mixed that together real good. I don't have the kind of blender Tony has, but my whipper worked very good. I'll just shake it up before each use. I put this mixture in a GLASS JAR. (Tony says to use GLASS on this for everything).

Then I took one good teaspoon, and it tasted very good. I was surprised. I drank a little water after a while. Felt I needed it. Was able to have a good night's sleep that night. This are Tony's comments on this.

"You can use daily cycle every so often and take breaks but you may even find any yeast or candida issues clears up pain as well.

You may get friskier as well (side effect of the turp is a increase in sex drive for some.)
Best to use glass"--

My Comment: Yes, I had more energy and less pain today after one dose. Will be taking for a few days and off for a few and on again.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not in any way medical advice to anyone. And if you taking medicine, Tony had mentioned on the video; a two hour window before taking. Whatever we do, it should be done in moderation and SLOWLY as Tony mentioned.


We found some terrific turpentine from Georgia, that is as pure as you can get it. We ordered some.


Ms. Rapley,

Thanks for your inquiry about our turpentine. Please read the following...

"This turpentine is the best, and it's made in the USA!"

"Just as described... pure!"

"Nice, mild and organic smelling"

"My new favorite turpentine!"

"Mild, clean scent - a real joy to use, plus it's family-made!"

"Thanks for the quick response. I would like to have two 16oz bottles to try. I'm just a small scale violinmaker so I don't make a lot of varnish but when I do I buy only the best products I can find. From what I hear your turpentine exceeds anything out there. Great work. I wish you a long and prosperous endeavor. You are getting rave reviews ; "

"I have been a chemist and an art restorer/conservator for many years and have seen many turps come and go. I have to tell you that your product really surprised me. I bought it purely from skating around ebay as I do looking for old pigments because of the clarity of the product in the photo. (and the price) I received it, gave it one pass in the clarifier, and wound up with just trace artifact. Very impressive for a, I'm assuming, small company. this is as good a turp as I have seen and you have a new customer. if there are any other products that I may use given what I do, let me know and I'll give them a try. Nicely done."

These are just a few customer reviews we at Diamond G Forest Products have received for our gum spirits of turpentine and pine rosin. Our turpentine and rosin are derived from slash pine trees (pinus elliottii) growing in south Georgia using sustainable forest practices. We harvest and distill the raw pine gum ourselves. Then, we package, label, and ship our products all by hand. Attention to detail is paramount in our business, and our products are unlike any other you'll find. They are completely pure and organic.

Although we cannot verify the medicinal effectiveness of our turpentine, many of our customers do tell us that they are using it medicinally. And three of our most recent customers have been medical doctors! If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us. For your convenience, I have attached a pricelist to this e-mail. If you are unable to open or view the document, simply let me know, and I will send it in another format.
Thanks again for your time and consideration!

Julie Griner
Diamond G Forest Products
3416 Diamond G Road
Patterson, Georgia 31557

Ms. Rapley,

Our turpentine is priced as follows ...

4 oz ... $4.99 + 3.50 shipping
8 oz ... $8.99 + 7.00 shipping
16 oz ... $16.99 + 7.00 shipping
1 gallon ... $64.99 (FREE SHIPPING)

Our preferred method of payment is Paypal; however, some of our customers do mail us checks or money orders. When you decide the size and quantity you wish to buy, simply let me know, and I'll send you the total amount due and payment instructions.

I have attached the complete pricelist as a SkyDrive document if you'd like to try viewing it again.

Thanks again for your time and consideration!

Julie Griner
Diamond G Forest Products
3416 Diamond G Road
Patterson, Georgia 31557


Harvesting Pine Gum.3GP

Margie, I don't know how I missed this discussion! I have watched Tony's video on turpentine several times and I also listen to his live broadcast on Saturday night, 8 p.m. Eastern time on TME. I love Tony and his remedies, but this is one I have been a bit nervous to try. I also am still confused as to which type of turp to get. It seems as if the Diamond G Forest brand is made from gum turpentine, yet it sounds as if that is used medicinally. Do you recommend the Klean-Strip or the Diamond brand or are they both equally safe and effective in your opinion? I am so glad to hear of someone who is having good results (other than Tony of course!)
I make almost all my own products...deodorant, body butters, bath salts, healing balms and formulate oils for pain relief etc., using essential oils and all natural ingredients. I also recommend using MSM on a daily basis and DMSO topically for pain....I have had good results with that.
Again, thanks for all you do, Barb

Hi Barbara: Thanks, for your input on this. And I'm amazed of how much you do, to be healthy. Agree with the MSM and DMSO. Great stuff! Just take it easy on this. Tony's advice. The kind that is the best, is the latter mentioned; from DIAMOND G FOREST PRODUCTS. It is homemade and a family operation. Their price is very reasonable. They are very personable too! Let us know back, what you decide to do, and the results if you get some. OK? :)


Can be ordered at this next link:

PURE "GREEN" TURPENTINE FROM TREE RESIN (important to make sure you have the PURE one). I ordered mine special. Either special order online or we purchased ours at Fields. Here's the link. Other companies have it. You just have to make sure it's this kind. Do not buy "GUM type or mineral spirits". Not the same thing.



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