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What do Rick Joyner, the CIA, and the Knights of Malta have in common? by Fanatic For Jesus


EXCERPT: In a video presentation to his church membership, Rick Joyner explained why he got his ordination and investiture into the Knights of Malta. In October 2012, he attempted to do damage control due to rising criticism on the internet about his longtime affiliation with the Jesuit-founded Order. Joyner spoke about what led him to join the Order over 20 years ago, and rejected any thought that the Knights of Malta is an arm of Freemasonry, or a secret society.

EXCERPT: The Symbolism
With that said, let's look at the symbolism behind MorningStar Ministries, the Nazi Party, the CIA, and the Knights of Malta.

LINK TO ARTICLE: http://fanaticforjesus.blogspot.com/2013/02/what-does-rick-joyner-c...

MY COMMENT: This symbol above, is the very symbol used at Rick Joyner's Morning Star Ministries. This man is so evil folks! He is an instrument of the devil. I don't care how serious he looks, when he speaks false prophecies and dreams or whatever. He is a tool in Satan's hands to bring fear and intimidation to the masses. When people are afraid, they submit to the more powerful authority. Just think of the thousands of people he reaches.

LINK TO ARTICLE WITH MORE PICS AND INFO: http://fanaticforjesus.blogspot.com/2013/02/what-does-rick-joyner-c...



Rick Joyner's Part
As you recall from yesterday's post, I believe Rick Joyner will be instrumental in helping the Charismatic/Prophetic movement deliver the Church into Lucifer's hands for the cause of the one-world religion.
MorningStar is the name given to the Lord Jesus Christ in Revelation 2:28-29 of the King James version. However, in the New Age Bible versions (NIV), Lucifer is falsely given this same title - as an attempt to hijack the position and act as an impostor. This should make it apparent, that Rick Joyner is attempting to pose as a minister of righteousness (2 Cor. 11:13-15), when he is actually a false prophet.

As you look at the star in the artwork above, it is in the shape of a cross - with an X through it. It is also the cross used in Scientology, and the appearance of it demeans the work of the cross.

LINK TO THE REST OF THIS IMPORTANT ARTICLE: http://fanaticforjesus.blogspot.com/2010/04/knights-of-malta-short-...

RICK JOYNER: "Founding Fathers were Dominionists"

PIC FROM ARTICLE: Rick Joyner in a special recognition ceremony of the Rome endorsed Knights of Malta.
The same person who wonders why Christian folks and unbelievers are concerned about his form of dominionism.

EXCERPT: (RightWingWatch) Rick Joyner of The Oak Initiative and MorningStar Ministries dedicated yesterday’s edition of Prophetic Perspectives to distancing himself from dominion theology while discussing the ties between presidential candidates like Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann to avowed dominionists. Joyner said he agreed with much of the dominionist objective of having fundamentalist Christians influence — if not control — government and society at large, but noted that he does not share dominionists’ belief that such ‘dominion’ will usher in the End Times and the Second Coming of Christ. “I just don’t believe His dominion can come to the earth until He comes,” Joyner said, “and that’s the one defining point of a dominonist to me.”

As Sarah Leslie of the Discernment Research Group points out, Joyner once said that the “Kingdom of God” he hopes to build “may seem like totalitarianism” at first because “the kingdom will start out necessarily authoritative in many ways, or in many areas, but will move toward increasing liberty” once the culture is radically changed.

But Joyner pointed to one group who he claims did subscribe to dominion theology: the Founding Fathers. According to Joyner, the Founders would have been known as dominionists because they wanted to “establish a government that was built on biblical principles” and “really thought they were building the Kingdom of God.” He went on to blame dominion theology for Manifest Destiny and other “really foul things” in U.S. history. Joyner mentioned that secular reporters are increasingly studying dominionism and are “terrified by it and they’re wondering if this presidential candidate is influenced by this kind of thinking,” adding, “as a Christian, I would be alarmed by some of that.”

Joyner: Founders Were Dominionists

Our Founding Fathers were not all Christians, rather there was a strong influence of believers during that time in history. The Declaration of Independence and the American War of Independence was a mixture of Christianity and "Enlightenment" thinking of French and English philosophers of the 1700s. The Enlightenment faith, Deism, had a great influence on Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, who also believed in humanism and rationalism.

Joyner wasn't telling the truth about the founders, but there is some truth in his statements about the Puritans - who were Calvinists following a form of dominionism. The Puritans saw themselves as purifying their society and bringing it under God’s dominion. They felt that a pure society would follow the superior moral leadership of a true church with the help of a godly government. In fact, such a church and society were, in their minds, a necessary prerequisite for the Second Coming of Christ. The Calvinists would infiltrate the Congregational Churches of New England, the Presbyterians, and some Dutch Reformed churches.[2]


EXCERPT: The seeds that John Calvin planted never died. The same dominionist beliefs John Calvin first introduced, and have remained in our country, are unknowingly being adopted by Christians today. Dominion Theology says that belivers should dominate every sphere of society. It has also been called Christian Reconstructionism, because it advocates the total reconstruction of society according to Biblical principles, or Theonomy, because it seeks to impose God’s law on all of society.

Proponents of Dominion Theology or Reconstructionism believe that Christ will return to earth in His Second Coming after the Millennium. Some believe that we are currently in the Millennial age and that it is during this age that the Kingdom of God must be established on the earth.[3]

Did Calvin's social experiment work?
The Protestant Reformation came along in the sixteenth century, led by Martin Luther and John Calvin - former Catholics. Luther’s views of Scripture, and of justification by faith, produced one of the greatest changes in Church history. Although Luther doesn't smell like a rose, he had a dualistic view of the Church, and therefore he was never inclined to push the Church toward the mission of transforming society.

John Calvin, on the other hand, taught that believers are responsible for social transformation, and his followers began to believe that they have a cultural mandate (the mandate to transform society) as well as an evangelistic one (the mandate to save souls). [1] Geneva became the "Rome" of Calvinism where "reformers" would go to learn the faith and spread it all across Europe. Calvin established a reign of theocratic terror in Genva, a government controlled by religious leaders. One of Calvin's most inspired students would be the Scotsman John Knox (1514-1572).


EXCERPT: The one fact that escapes our generation is that John Calvin wasn't any better than the persecution the Pope was inflicting on Protestants during the Reformation. Anabaptists were fined, driven out, whipped, or hanged at the hands of Calvin's reformers, since their beliefs didn’t agree with those of the official church.

So, it is not an accident that Dominion Theology and Sharia Law find themselves creeping into our country at the same time the New World Order plans to make their radical transformation of our world. The unbiblical doctrines that find its root back to a dangerous man, and tries to conquer unwilling participants for the purpose of the supposed Kingdom of God. The Roman Catholics were the original dominion theologians. Is that who is standing in the background, waiting to take the reigns back?

LINK TO ARTICLE BY FANATIC FOR JESUS: http://fanaticforjesus.blogspot.com/2011/09/rick-joyner-founding-fa...


MY COMMENT: THE CHURCH IS NOT CALLED TO FIGHT FOR CAUSES. We are called to preach the gospel. Rick Joyner, is from the New Apostolic Reformation false movement; of establishing a kingdom on earth so Jesus can come back. Pastors should have nothing to do with, what Rick Joyner is proposing. The church in America, does NOT ANSWER TO THIS FALSE PROPHET. This is another false move by N.A.R.

Four Things That The Church Must Act Now On
REVIEW OF RICK JOYNER'S HANDLING OF TODD BENTLEY'S FALL TO SIN LINK TO THREAD ON TODD BENTLEY WITH VIDEOS ETC.: http://hiswordfirst555.ning.com/forum/topics/todd-bentley?groupUrl=...



2 Corinthians 11:13-15

13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.

14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

Rick Joyner - No Grace for Grady

Uploaded on Feb 8, 2010

These are two different video's that Joyner is describing "grace" in. The one concerning Todd Bentley, the other concerning Lee Grady. How different the two are, it's amazing that when you agree with Joyner you get gentleness, when you disagree with him you get the hammer.

Todd Bentley and Rick Joyner They need to get one?

Uploaded on Jun 14, 2009

Bentley & Joyner talk about getting a doctrine on marriage. It's really hard to believe that these men ever opened the lids of a bible. What are they thinking? It's really sad to watch them struggle for something they should have been grounded in from the beginning.

MY COMMENT: Notice how Todd Bentley, uses his hands to distract from what he is saying.

Rick Joyner Galatians 6:1 Error

Uploaded on Apr 1, 2009

Rick Joyner keeps telling us that Galatians 6:1 is about restoring someone back to a fallen ministry. It is not! Don't fall for Joyner's scripture twisting. These guys make everything sound innocent, they minimize the problem and maximize your response. They are famous for turning the spiritual gun back on you. They do wrong and want you to forget, so that they can continue to drag you deeper into the darkness of delusion they thrive in!
Rick Joyner manipulation

Uploaded on Mar 22, 2009

Rick Joyner is trying to convince "The Church", the "Body of Christ" or should I say "The bride of Christ" to swallow a theory of forgiveness, gentleness and grace that is based from a foundation of lies! Rick twist's word's, meaning's and truth! In the process he reveals his own hypocrisies and delusion.

Todd Bentley The crux of the problem

Uploaded on Mar 9, 2009

Todd Bentley preached, taught, and ministered in the name of Christ, but was he bringing the Jesus of the Bible to the lost or his own fleshly visions, was he in alignment with God, rather than alignment with C.Peter Wagner and the Pagan's. Please review this video and ask yourself the same questions, you decide, truth or lie!
Rick Joyner & Luciferian Light - False Prophet Exposed: Kundalini Warning



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