PIC FROM EPHESIANS 511 ARTICLE: Tim Lahaye and Tom Horn

Cris Putnam’s book-Write a bad review and you will be called “fake”, “false” and “demonic”
By Ephesians 5:11 Blog August 2, 2014

EXCERPT: We were working on another article early yesterday morning at 4:42 AM (PST) when we received an email from Tom Horn’s “Donna” asking their email list to go on Amazon and post “honest” reviews (which they deem as favorable) for Cris Putnam’s latest book “The Supernatural Worldview”.

They claim a bad review is “fake” and “false”. They went as far to even say this was “demonic“.

This has the appearance of manipulation or mind control to those who blindly trust men.

Here is a screen-shot of the email from “Donna” –

We decided to go and look at these “fake“, “false” and “demonic” one-star ratings for ourselves thinking the reviews must be casting spells, using foul language or something of that nature because after all, it’s “demonic” according to Tom Horn’s “Donna”.

When we went to Amazon at about 5 AM (PST) there were a total of 20 ratings spread out between the five levels with 12 being five-star and four being one-star. The date this email was sent was August 1, 2014 so we figured there must have been four “demonic” one-star ratings that must have just appeared right before August 1, 2014. To our surprise, these four “demonic” one-star ratings showed up between May 30 and July 5, 2014.

Here are the four “demonic” one-star reviews, this is what Tom Horn’s “Donna” calls “demonic” –

MUCH MORE AT THE LINK: http://ephesians511blog.net/2014/08/02/cris-putnams-book-write-a-ba...


TOM HORN: PROFITING FROM FALSE PROPHECY? EXCERPT: The list of books published by Tom (Thomas , or Thomas R.) Horn is long. He has compiled a list of books that many say are reality when it comes to the subject matter of prophecy and current events. Now you ask, why is Tom Horn worth writing about? Because each of us needs to determine whether Horn is a ‘false prophet’ or not. Yes, there have been many false prophets in the last few decades, but Tom Horn seems to be making the most profit from his particular brand of prophecy, or should we call it “profit-cy”?

If you’ve never heard the term Exo-Vaticana before (Horn’s newest book), then you may or may not be surprised to know that when translated it means “outside of the Vatican”. The sub-title reads as follows:

Petrus Romanus, Project L.U.C.I.F.E.R., and the Vatican's astonishing exo-theological (outside of theology) plan for the arrival of an alien savior.

His books include: (Just to name a few) Exo-Vaticana by Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam (Apr 15, 2013)
Petrus Romanus: by Thomas Horn and Cris D. Putnam (Apr 15, 2012)
Apollyon Rising 2012 by Thomas Horn (Nov 24, 2009)
Nephilim Stargates by Thomas Horn (Jul 1, 2007)
Forbidden Gates by Thomas R. Horn and Nita F. Horn (Jan 1, 2011)
God's Ghostbusters by Thomas R. Horn (Sep 1, 2011)
Pandemonium's Engine by Thomas Horn (Jul 15, 2011)
The Ahriman Gate - by Thomas Horn and Nita Horn (Aug 1, 2005)
Spiritual Warfare: The Invisible Invasion by Thomas R. Horn (Apr 1998)
The Gods That Walk Among Us by Thomas Horn (Oct 1, 1998)
The David Flynn Collection by David Flynn and Thomas Horn (Jul 1, 2012)

MY NOTE: Since this article was written, Horn has written more books.

LINK TO ARTICLE: http://www.examiner.com/article/tom-horn-profiting-from-false-prophecy

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BOOKS WRITTEN BY TOM HORN'S GANG ON AMAZON. Tom & Nita F. Horn, Gary Stearman, Chuck Missler and Cris Putnam, Mike Hoggard, George H. Pember http://www.amazon.com/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=thomas+horn+books&...


LINK: http://www.amazon.com/Nephilim-Stargates-Year-Return-Watchers/dp/09...


NOTE: All these books are weird, unbiblical and full of darkness in the realm of the Satanic.



EXCERPT: Is Tom striking a Masonic pose?[1]

Tom Horn, who gives credibility to the Apocrypha, the Hebrew Kabbalah, the Book of Enoch, and other Gnostic writings non-canonical books[2], has now placed George H. Pember's book Earth's Earliest Ages, back in print. The book, originally published in 1876, analyzes the prophecy of Jesus Christ in Matthew 24 that says the end times would be a repeat of "the days of Noah." He concludes that the final and most fearful sign heralding the Lord's Second Coming would be the return of the Nephilim, the appearance upon earth of beings from the Principality of the Air, and their unlawful intercourse with the human race.[3] Where have we heard all of that before?

It appears that G.H. Pember gave this Nephilim teaching life, and has provided a handful of modern ministry leaders the benefit of a good income. Is it a coincidence that they travel in packs?


LINK TO ARTICLE: http://fanaticforjesus.blogspot.com/2012/09/tom-horn-leading-blind-...

By Ephesians 5:11 Blog March 30, 2014


EXCERPT: 2 Peter 2:1-3 - “But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

2 And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.

3 And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.”

In light of the Orlando Prophecy Summit 2014 wrapping up today with a huge “Christian” Merchandiser $$$ take, I decided to take another look at an article from May 1, 2013 (ARTICLE) titled “Tom Horn & Cris Putnam Vatican Heralds, Vatican Hucksters, or DUPES?“.

Since we have discovered more about Tom Horn after this May 1, 2013 article, it’s good to revisit this since Tom Horn is displaying the below image at the top of his website along with the 2013 video that is certain to generate even more $$$.

LINK TO ARTICLE: http://ephesians511blog.net/2014/03/30/mechandiser-tom-horn-jesuit-...



More Thinking About Raider's News Network, Chuck Missler, Tom Horn, Aliens and Science Fiction
Anyone here ever been over to Raider's News Network?

PIC FROM Galatians 4 website

EXCERPT: The other day, I was lurking over there. That place will blow your mind.

I bet sometimes the foreign readers on this website, think Americans have lost their minds, but I got the feeling, they are probably selling this crazy stuff overseas too in some capacity. Every other deception talked about here has been pushed elsewhere in the world too.

They are basically like the website for "Christians meet Aliens Central"

One thing when someone tells you to read ANCIENT TEXTS for truth. RUN, if it's not scripture it is LIES. The Holy Spirit told me the minute I opened it Enoch, that it was NOT scripture and full of demonic lies. Yeah they are telling Christians to read Enoch in these Nephilim circles.

MUCH MORE INFO AT THIS LINK: VIDEO / PICS ETC.: http://galatiansfour.blogspot.com/2012/01/more-thinking-about-raide...

Vatican Prepares World For "Future Alien Contact"
Chuck Missler, Tom Horn, and Cris Putnam EXPOSED promoting necromancy and “good ghosts”

EXCERPT FROM EPHESIANS 511 BLOG: Deuteronomy 18:10-12 – “There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.

11 Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.

12 For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee.”

Cris Putnam’s book “The Supernatural Worldview” book cover and Acknowledgments -



Yesterday we posted an article exposing Cris Putnam stating he believed the “ghost of C.S. Lewis” was not demonic because the “ghost” helped J.B Philips finish his New Testament translation. Here is a link to yesterday’s post -


Even though scripture tells us Satan can appear as an “angel of light“, Cris Putnam somehow disobediently disregards that.

2 Corinthians 11:13-15 - “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.

14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. (like the ghost of C.S. Lewis)

15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.”

Below is the video and transcript of what Cris Putnam said copied from yesterday’s post –

Listen to what Cris Putnam says beginning at time mark 1:09:12 to get the proper context to what Cris Putnam says four plus minutes later and you will be able to hear a certain “gullibility” in his voice and a definite disobedient ignorance when he tells the radio host right at time mark 1:13:45 -

“…the ghost of C.S. Lewis actually inspired that (J.B Philips New Testament translation) to get completed. So not only did C.S. Lewis see it – experience a ghost, but experience the presence of his wife (deceased), he actually appeared as one to a Bible scholar encouraging him to complete a New Testament translation.

Now I don’t know how somebody can take that information and construe it in such a way as to attribute it to demons…”

We have the LISTEN STARTING AT TIME 1:09:12 MARK, the YouTube link below is not preset -

Caravan To Midnight - Episode 137 Spiritual Warfare and the N.W.O. with Cris Putnam FALSE TEACHING 100%

This type of thinking is endorsed by Chuck Missler and Tom Horn as both of these men contributed to Cris Putnam’s book, “The Supernatural Worldview” which presents the idea of “good ghosts of people” as being accepted.

Now let’s go back to January 2012 when Chuck Missler endorsed Steve Berger’s book “Have Heart” that promotes necromancy.

Just to recap what happened - Back in 2010, Steve Berger authored a book “Have Heart” that promoted necromancy and Chuck Missler endorsed it. Then Chuck Missler had a “Strategic Perspectives Conference” in Franklin, TN at Steve Berger’s church in which Steve Berger promoted his book “Have Heart”, that was the title of his message.

Then in December 2011/January 2012 the pro-Chuck Missler “Discernment Ministries” discovered Ephesians 5:11 Blog was going to expose the necromancy stuff and quickly/collectively all did a “book review” all at the same time on a nearly two year old book.

They all minimized the Chuck Missler part and made it all about Steve Berger, it was a classic “glossing over”. They had to mention Missler in the review but the way they did it was so deceiving.

That’s why we believe “Discernment Ministries” could be working for Rome, the NWO, or some evil entity that has to control the gullible sheep. They show some bad stuff while covering up the stuff that needs to be covered up. We call that a “false exposure“, revealing some stuff to look legitimate while covering up other stuff. They are definitely merchandisers at a minimum.

The next thing we see is Chuck Missler posting some sort of a statement on his Facebook addressing the necromancy in Steve Berger’s “Have Heart” book.

We did an article on that in January 2012. Here is the link to the documented evidence -


Now it’s October 24, 2014 so we went to check the Koinonia House Facebook page to see if their flimsy excuse was still posted and it is –

SEE THE REST OF THIS IMPORTANT ARTICLE AND ANOTHER VIDEO, CLICK ON THIS LINK: http://ephesians511blog.net/2014/10/24/chuck-missler-tom-horn-and-c...

Back to Genesis: Laying a False Foundation
June 5, 2013
TBC Staff - EN
Back to Genesis: Laying a False Foundation [Excerpts]

The biblical foundation laid by God in Genesis 6 has been shifted from man's personal sin to a focus on invading gods and demonic DNA, and where Christ’s prophecy concerning “the days of Noah” is altered to fit the Nephilim scenario. Additionally, in the emerging Nephilim Eschatology the Genesis:3:15
account is also abused, and reinterpreted along the lines of “Serpent Seed” adherents to fit this false end-time message. Tom Horn, the biggest purveyor of the Nephilim Eschatology scenarios, has explained how Genesis 6 and Genesis:3:15
are mixed together to create the new hybrid Serpent Seed doctrine:

Daniel’s verse [Dan:2:43
] troubled [Chuck] Missler and [Mark] Eastman because it seemed to indicate that the same phenomenon that occurred in Genesis chapter 6—where non-human species or “non-seed” mingled with human seed and produced Nephilim—would happen again in the end times. When this verse from Daniel is coupled with Genesis:3:15
, which says, “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed [zera, meaning “offspring,” “descendents,” or “children”] and her seed,” an incredible tenet emerges—that Satan has seed, and that it is at enmity with Christ.[4] [bold added; brackets in original]

The “Satanic seed” mentioned above is taught to be a literal, physical, and biological “Serpent Seed”—one that is genetically passed on to successive descendents by the devil and his supposed actual physical offspring. This is completely at odds with the context and actual teaching of the Genesis:3:15
passage and is a deviant view.

In subsequent writings, Tom Horn continues this theme by postulating that the coming Antichrist will be an actual biological descendent of Satan. This forms the basis of the newly emerging Nephilim Eschatology heresy:

“Given the abundant and universal prophecies that the "end times" will witness what we have been calling a 'reopening of the gates of heaven' and the descending of a 'savior,' it's important to note that from the Middle Ages forward, many church leaders have believed that the Antichrist would ultimately represent the return of the Nephilim—the union of a demon and a human….Phobos clarifies this for Joe in our novel, The Ahriman Gate [AG]: “Joe raised the special container with a heavy sigh. "So, if Apollyon is somehow embodied in Apol, we could actually be carrying the embryo of the Antichrist here?"

“That’s correct. According to the Bible, the Antichrist will be ‘the son of perdition,’ the male progeny of the Greek apoleia, or Apollyon. The implication couldn’t be clearer—the Man of Sin will be the physical offspring of the destroyer demon, a transgenic of the highest order." [AG, pp. 326-327]….

The above excerpt appeared in an online advertisement for Tom Horn’s 2007 book, Nephilim Stargates: the Year 2012 and the Return of the Watchers. It is important to observe the mechanics of this quote. Horn has included his fictional narrative, The Ahriman Gate as if it were a credible source, blending it into his revived “Serpent Seed” teaching.

This strange mixing of fiction and nonfiction is becoming a familiar trend in evangelical authors. It appears to be a highly effective and emotive method of promoting themes that are opposed to the Word of God. Fiction characteristically engages the reader by its imagery and fantasy that provoke feelings and emotions. Researcher Christine Pack picked up on this trend in her recent review of The Harbinger:

“Much like William P. Young's troublesome book The Shack, The Harbinger also has a fictional character who is teaching things that are contrary to Scripture, but which the author wants to claim as truth. Of course, when pressed on the biblical problems with the teachings, both Young and [Jonathan] Cahn have resorted to saying, But it's only a fictional character! The problem with this is that Young and Cahn both personally believe what they have written, and are seeking to teach a wide audience of readers what they believe to be true, while hiding behind the label ‘Fiction’."[7]

[4] Tom Horn, “THEY -- PART THREE,” posted June 30, 2011; http://www.raidersnewsupdate.com/they3.htm/; See also Thomas Horn, God’s Ghostbusters, Chapter 6, “DO ALIEN/HUMAN HYBRIDS WALK AMONG US?”, Defender Publishing, Crane, MO 2011, pg. 148.
[5] Tom and Nita Horn, Anomalos Publishing, Excerpt from Nephilim Stargates: The Year 2012 and the Return of the Watchers, [clip] Beware the Coming Superman-Savior?; http://www.ahrimangate.com/excerpt148.htm.
[6] Thomas R. Horn, Nephilim Stargates 2012: the Year 2012 and the Return of the Watchers, Anomalos Publishers, Crane, MO, 2007, pp. 186-187.
[7] Christine Pack, The Sola Sisters website, “A Commentary on The Harbinger”; http://solasisters.blogspot.com/2012/06/commentary-on-harbinger.html.


[TBC: The “Serpent Seed” teaching was taught by Latter Rain preacher William Branham. Though killed in a car accident in 1965, Branham’s teachings live on in such groups as the Kansas City Fellowship, IHOP, and those promoting the “Joel’s Army” teaching.]

End-Time Scenarios of the New Alchemists
Posted By Marsha West on December 28, 2015 in Discernment 6

In 2010, Tom Horn co-authored a treatise on their interpretation of Transhumanism called Forbidden Gates: How Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology, and Human Enhancement Herald the Dawn of Techno-Dimensional Spiritual Warfare.

What exactly is Transhumanism? CARM explains:

Transhumanism is the idea that human beings, as a whole, can be drastically improved in physical and mental areas with technologies such as cloning, genetic modification, bionics, nano-technology, drugs, etc. The great majority of transhumanists believe that the “human species” has evolved and that science can provide a kind of artificial, directed evolution.

Transhumanists look to the future and believe the human condition will see improvement in physical ability, lifespan, and mental acuity, and health. In addition, the world condition can also be improved by reducing starvation and poverty. Such technological advancements, some have said, would even redefine what it means to be human. (Source)

Why should we care about this subject? For the reason that a growing number of high-profile Christians believe it and are promoting it, big time.

Who are some of the voices peddling Transhumanism? Christian luminaries Chuck Missler and Tom Horn are the most prominent. The article also mentions Gary Stearman, Terry James, Jim Fletcher, Doug Woodward, L.A. Marzulli, Rob Skiba, Hal Lindsey, Doug Hamp, Bill Salus, Cris Putnam, Chris Pinto, Russ Dizdar, and Peter Goodgame. Apparently some of these men “gathered at a Pike’s Peak Prophecy Summit in Colorado Springs and at an Orlando Prophecy Summit—alongside Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Joseph Farah, Paul McGuire, and others.”

Pastor Larry DeBruyn wrote a piece for Herescope entitled “Babylon Rising” and Canon in Crisis: Apocrypha Pseudopigrapha Fresh Revelations, and an “Open” Canon. In it he stated the following:

Lewis Sperry Chafer (1871-1952), the first president of Dallas Theological Seminary, once reportedly said that all heresy is either the Bible plus, or the Bible minus. The work of radical higher criticism, as it has affected, even determined, the liberal view of the Christian faith since the late 1800s, has seen to it that there’s a lot of Bible-minus ideology amongst professing Christians now-a-days, even among so-called evangelicals. Now however, voices are emerging which advocate a Bible-plus view of Holy Scripture. One such voice has stated:

“While I do believe that the Holy Bible is Divinely inspired and written by men, I do not necessarily hold to the idea that only the 66 books we now have in our (Protestant) bibles are the sole Divinely inspired books of antiquity.” — Rob Skiba (Emphasis added) (Source)

In this piece, Herescope re-caps some of the most outrageous Transhumanism heresies. What you’re about to learn will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

LINK TO REST OF ARTICLE: http://bereanresearch.org/end-time-scenarios-of-the-new-alchemists/




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