A Public Letter From Renovare Reveals Troubling Connection with YWAM

EXCERPT: This past summer, a Lighthouse Trails reader sent us this e-mail letter she received from Renovare (Richard Foster’s contemplative outreach organization). Our reader is on the Renovare mailing list as she has grave concerns about friends who are involved with contemplative spirituality, and she monitors this group. The letter reveals the tight connection that YWAM (Youth With a Mission) has with the contemplative prayer movement.

Dear __________,

I want to offer a short vignette of how the ministry of Renovaré continues to ripple around the world. For the past 20 years I have taught a class called “Foundations of Christian Spirituality” at Eastern University. Assigned readings from the class are Dallas Willard’s The Spirit of the Disciplines, Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline, Devotional Classics, edited by Richard Foster and Jim Smith, and The Life You’ve Always Wanted: Spiritual Disciplines for Ordinary People, written by John Ortberg. As you know, all these books are written by authors deeply committed to the vision and outreach of Renovaré.

“Foundations” is basically a Renovaré course on the basics of spiritual formation. For the past ten years the class has continued to grow in attendance, growing to around 200 students. How encouraging! Students long to learn how to live ever more wisely and fully as “Christ’s apprentices,” as Dallas would put it. Even more encouraging, five years ago a generous donor had “Foundations” filmed by Gorilla Films, well-known for its films of the gorilla population of Rwanda.The class is now available on-line to people world-wide.

More recently, I was with a group of YWAM (Youth with a Ministry) leaders in Burtingny, Switzerland, gifted people who are earning an MA in Spiritual Formation from the University of the Nations. I was surprised and pleased to learn that these leaders of discipleship training ministries around the world had been watching the filmed version of “Foundations.” Not only so, but they shared with me that this course—with Renovaré at its core—was presently being viewed by “thousands” of people in China, India, Scandinavia, and Brazil. In fact, two of these students—very courageous women—are showing clips of “Foundations” in small villages in India. Renovaré’s effect through the power of the Holy Spirit is profound and widespread.

Grace and peace,
Chris Hall
Renovaré Board Member

LTRP NOTE: If you are not familiar with the teachings of Richard Foster or the contemplative prayer (i.e, Spiritual Formation) movement, please read some of our research material. Do not underestimate the overwhelming impact that Richard Foster and Renovare have and are having on Christians across the globe. Because of the dangerous anti-biblical roots of the contemplative prayer movement, this should cause great concern to Bible-believing Christians. And remember, if you have a loved one in a Christian college or seminary, most likely he or she is being introduced to the Spiritual Formation movement. We estimate (after 12 years of research) that over 90% of these schools have now begun to integrate Spiritual Formation into their schools.

LINK TO ARTICLE: http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/blog/?p=16234

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Cunninghams Meet the Pope


READ THE FULL ARTICLE WITH PICS AT THIS NEXT LINK: http://www.ywam.org/blog/2014/12/05/cunninghams-meet-the-pope/


CLICK ON THIS LINK: http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/youthwithamission.html

ANOTHER LINK FROM DECEPTION IN THE CHURCH CLICK ON THIS LINK TO MORE INFO: http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/ywamapostasy.html
Will You Entrust Your Youth To
Youth With A Missions (YWAM)
By Chris Lawson

EXCERPT: In 1993, I traveled across the globe and was involved with a missions outreach project with Youth With A Mission. From California, to a YWAM Discipleship Training base on the Hawaiian island of Maui [for one month], and then to Bali, Indonesia for one month of outreach YWAM style. Little did I know at the time, I was in for a real ride.

Unaware of the problematic teachings with YWAM and its nose dive into unbelievable compromises and affiliation with known false teachers and false prophets, I embarked on my journey. Within one week, I was very sad that I had gotten involved with Youth With A Mission. Being involved with YWAM was a very serious wake up call to what was and is really going on in this very compromised movement.

The next time I had to deal directly with major unbiblical YWAM theology issues was when I had to confront (at the personal request of a concerned overseas YWAM missionary serving in Scotland) the YWAM Director of the Scotland base, in Western Scotland.

The issues at hand were, 1) Could the Director of YWAM Scotland produce a clear statement of faith on the Biblical Gospel, as opposed to the Roman Catholic gospel, and 2) What are YWAM missionaries to say to people who need to be saved. After two months, the YWAM Director of Scotland could not even produce a basic statement of faith for the YWAM Scotland ministry that clarified how a person is saved, according to the Bible. In fact, he resigned his position and we never heard from him again.

At that time, in 2005-2006, YWAM Scotland was bringing contemplative spirituality to the YWAM Scotland leaders. A year earlier, new young missionaries at the Seamill Scotland YWAM Base were being led into occult based guided imagery exercises to get into touch with "Jesus".

Although these are only two unrelated incidences, there are many stories like these that are on the internet.

In a nutshell, we cannot with good conscience refer anyone to YWAM or its related ministries. Our reason lies simply in the sad fact that deeply problematic theological compromises have been made by YWAM over and over and over. Things are simply out of control with YWAM as a movement. The affiliation with and endorsement of false teachers and false prophets is just the beginning of the myriad of issues that YWAM leadership has involved itself with.

We recommend that you spend time researching and reading informative articles about the problems with YWAM before you send your children, relatives or potential missionaries overseas.

It is very sad to have to put this in print, but YWAM's own leaders leave biblicaly based and uncompromising pastors, church leaders, and ministries no other choice - but to expose their unfaithfulness to God's Word.

There is much more that could be stated here, however, the following dozens of articles by different biblical ministries exposing YWAM's problems should suffice.

- Chris Lawson

LINK TO REST OF ARTICLE: http://www.spiritual-research-network.com/youthwithamission.html

A Warning Concerning YWAM’s “The Friend’s Network”: “With Friends Like These…”
By Steve Mitchell, Director: Power To Stand Ministries www.powertostand.com

Several years ago YWAM proposed a new kind of pseudo-mission endeavor in which YWAM missionaries would allegedly preach Muslims the “gospel” and a supposed great harvest would result. The idea was that a Muslim who was persuaded to believe the gospel would be encouraged to make a profession, albeit privately to avoid persecution. This new “convert” was then informed that they could continue regular mosque attendance, bowing in prayer to Allah, and Quranic reading and still be considered born again. They would then be referred to as “Messianic Muslims”. Make no mistake, they were still Muslims but had claimed some level of “belief” in Jesus Christ. As long as when they continued their “cultural” expressions of worship to Allah but inside actually prayed to Jesus Christ, they were considered saved.

As shocking and controversial of an approach that this was, there seemed to hardly be any kind of outcry against the obvious unbiblical nature of this initiative. YWAM even threatened to “contextualize” the gospel in this way to Saddhus or Hindu holy men in India. YWAM missionaries would drive these men to their temple destinations on their various pilgrimages and along the way allegedly share the gospel with them. If they “believed” they could still continue to worship as a “Hindu devotee of Jesus” but remain in their Hindu culture and religion. This horrendous phenomenon has been thoroughly answered and refuted by good men. Read these:

LINK TO REST OF INFO AND ARTICLES: http://www.letusreason.org/Ecumen16.htm

Youth With A Mission
Ecumenical (Catholic/Charismatic) Evangelism

EXCERPT: - Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is one of the largest mission groups in the world -- an international parachurch organization with roughly 11,000 permanent and 51,000 short-term and student youth "missionaries" [see note] serving in over 800 operating locations in over 135 countries. YWAM operates with a volunteer staff of about 12,000. It was founded in 1960 by a young Assemblies of God college student, Loren Cunningham, to "train young Christians for short-term volunteer service in evangelism and faith development." YWAM operates as a family of ministries rather than as a very structured, centralized agency, maintaining no international headquarters -- each YWAM location does its own mobilizing and training, and sets its own priorities in carrying out ministry. As part of this "family," YWAM operates two "mercy ships," the Good Samaritan and the Anastasis, both of which provide medical and emergency supplies and conduct discipleship training and evangelism at ports around the world. Floyd McClung Jr. heads YWAM today as its International Executive Director, while D. Leland Paris is the Director of the Americas. YWAM also has a strong charismatic influence.

- Since the late-1970s, YWAM has worked closely with Catholic charismatics. In 1978, a YWAM worker in Austria was praying about whether it was possible for a born-again, Bible-believing Christian to be a committed Roman Catholic and decided it was. Beginning in 1978, YWAM workers in Austria began to cooperate with Catholics there. By 1984, YWAM formally accepted a proposal to work with the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches in various projects. YWAM has since played an important role in helping "nascent [emerging] charismatic communities among Roman Catholic youth," resulting in the spreading of new Catholic centers for evangelism training.

There are now a "good number" of young Roman Catholics working for YWAM, including Rob Clarke, the national director of YWAM's discipleship training center in Dublin, Ireland. (Clarke has said: "We are trying to get away from the idea of simply 'converting' Catholics -- that is turning them into Protestants -- and towards a framework of ministry within the Catholic Church.") A YWAM representative at the 1987 Charismatic Congress in New Orleans estimated that up to 1,000 of YWAM workers were Catholics. YWAM also worked with three Roman Catholic dioceses in Poland in building "local communities of faith" (12/92, Religion Watch). This pattern of YWAM cooperation with Catholics is spreading from Europe to Africa and Asia (1/4/93, Christian News). Al Akimoff, YWAM's director for Slavic Ministries, said YWAM's missionaries are not aiming to lure Catholics out of their churches.

- Besides YWAM's Catholic connections, it is also very much tied into the Charismatic Movement. Although YWAM does not label itself "independent charismatic," it absorbs by far the lion's share of the independent charismatic missionary force worldwide. An estimated fifteen percent of YWAM's full-time missionaries and annual short-termers are independent charismatics. (Reported in the 2/15/93, Christian News.)

CLICK ON THIS LINK TO SEE REST OF ARTICLE: http://www.rapidnet.com/~jbeard/bdm/Psychology/ywam.htm

What is Wrong With YWAM? (Youth With A Mission)
Evangelism or Ecumenism - You Decide

EXCERPT: People who desire to go to the mission field (short or long) should be commended; and preparation for such trips is key. It is vital to learn needed missionary skills. Youth with a Mission (YWAM) began by a literal vision, with the intent to train young Christians for short-term volunteer service in evangelism. Today, YWAM has 16,000 full-time volunteer workers and trains 25,000 short-term workers annually, operating in 180 countries, with over 1000 training centers.

YWAM volunteers are active in working and helping people in physical ways by feeding and meeting the needs of those who experience the human disasters that often occur these days. These are not the efforts that concern us. Our concerns lie with YWAM teachings and associations with which they participate. And there is lot to be concerned about! One must understand that YWAM presents itself as a missionary organization, but, sadly, it is also an ecumenical organization. And the most dangerous kind of ecumenism the church has ever seen is being promoted in YWAM by top leaders.

An article titled "YWAM Builds Bridges to Catholics" (August 1993 issue of Charisma) makes it clear that YWAM) works with Catholics. "Beginning in 1978, YWAM workers in Austria began to cooperate with Catholics there .... In 1984, YWAM adopted a policy allowing staff to work with Catholics ....1987 YWAM has installed a Catholic, Rob Clarke, as director of its discipleship training school in Dublin” .... Clarke has said: “We are trying to get away from the idea of simply 'converting' Catholics -- that is turning them into Protestants -- and towards a framework of ministry within the Catholic Church.”

Charisma magazine reported that Al Akimoff, YWAM director for Slavic Ministries, said: "YWAM's missions are not aiming to lure Catholics out of their churches ... our philosophy is not to tear down but to build on what's there." YWAM will work with anyone to help their goals to be met. (see their own statement of working with the pope accessed:11.16.13) This policy has continued today in ways not imaginable then. Catholic charismatics are welcomed and work in YWAM as do a variety of others that equally hold to unbiblical teaching.

LINK TO REST OF ARTICLE: http://www.letusreason.org/ecumen30.htm

YWAM and its founder Loren Cunningham are Kingdom Now dominionists involved with the worst of the worst lying signs and wonders kooks.

NOT PROMOTING THIS BOOK: Loren Cunningham is part of it. This is not what the Word of God teaches in any respect.



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