King James Onlyism Heresy (Part 1): Origins - A Seventh-day Adventist Invention
King James Onlyism Heresy (Part 2): The Cult of Peter Ruckman - Ruckmanism
King James Onlyism Heresy (Part 3): An Attack on the Original Scriptural Texts of the Bible
King James Onlyism Heresy (Part 4): Which King James Version Is The Perfect Translation?




Is There An Anti Christ Bible?

King James Bible from 1669 is a holy find at the Lifeline book fair David Giammetta North Shore Times
July 11, 2014 3:13PM

EXCERPT: Helen Mitchell holding the 1669 Bible which was found among a stack of random books. Picture: BRADEN FASTIER

This 345 year old Bible has travelled far and wide to find its way into a discarded pile of books at Lifeline, Wahroonga.

The intricately illustrated King James Bible, printed in 1669, was discovered by Lifeline’s Carole Stannard and volunteers while they were rummaging through donations for a used book fair.

“We don’t know who dropped off the Bible but it was originally from London, printed by John Bill and Christopher Barker, who were printers to the king’s most excellent majesty from 1669,” she said.

“We sold a similar Bible for $1400 at a silent auction that we hold, and this year’s auction will have 33 items including a 19th century encyclopaedia,” she said.

LINK TO ARTICLE: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/north-shore/king-james-b...


Beware Of James White's False Teachings
Deuteronomy 4:2, “Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you.” Dr. James R. White is a Calvinist theologian based out of Phoenix, Arizona . . .

White is the director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, a presuppositional apologetics organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. He received a BA from Grand Canyon College, an MA from Fuller Theological Seminary, and a Th.M., a Th.D. and a D.M. from Columbia Evangelical Seminary (formerly Faraston Seminary). ...

SOURCE: James White - Wikipedia

Unfortunately, James White is a big opponent (enemy) of King James Onlyism. White endorses using the modern corrupt Bible versions (although he admits he doesn't support all of them). Nevertheless, James White is bad news for promoting counterfeit Bible versions (there are some YouTube videos of White debating the issue if you'd like to watch them). I've noticed that nearly all the apostate religious leaders who support the new Satanic counterfeit Bible versions also teach the heresy of Lordship Salvation. It makes sense, because it's the new corrupted Bible versions which promote a false understanding of what it Biblically means to “repent.” Instead of “a change of mind” (which is Biblical), the new perversions redefine repentance to mean “a change of lifestyle.” This is human effort and a form of works salvation. Biblical salvation is a free gift, without works of self-righteousness, and is not a form of probation requiring our good behavior. The person who BELIEVES the Gospel has eternal life, which can never be forfeited or lost.

If you understand that salvation comes ONLY by the imputed righteousness of God in response to one's faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then it becomes woefully clear just how Satanic and corrupt all these new Bible versions are. All modern versions attack the deity of Jesus Christ. Check what I say and you will discover it is true, that every religious leader (they aren't Biblical Christians) who teach Lordship Salvation also support the corrupt modern Bible versions. I don't know even one King James Bible Only preacher who teaches Lordship Salvation.

And don't buy into the nonsense from any pastor or Bible college (e.g., Moody Bible SINstitute and Bob Jones PANTSiversity) who say they prefer and mainly use the King James Bible, but they're ok with the new Satanic Bible PERversions!!! They are compromised and pulling on the same rope as the Devil. It is a big issue! If our spiritual milk and meat (food) is corrupted, then we are in BIG TROUBLE! If you are in a church that uses multiple Bible versions, get out of there before you're corrupted!!! God only wrote one book, not 200 different English versions! Every month another new Bible version comes out of the pits of darkness!

I did not write this article to be unkind, nor do I have anything personal against James White. Albeit, as born-again Christians we are commanded in Jude 1:3 to “earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.” There is nothing more important in this universe than the purity of God's Words. Our text verse is a warning from God not to add or subtract from His Words. The King James Bible is unique, standing alone against all the Westcott and Hort modern translations from Hell. Westcott and Hort were unsaved heretics and pro-Catholics. Only the King James Bible hasn't been tampered with!

James White Teaches Lordship Salvation Heresy

White also teaches the heresy of Lordship Salvation and misrepresents the heart of the debate. In this video, White alleges that critics of Lordship Salvation don't believe repentance is necessary for salvation. That is a gross misrepresentation of the issue, because I am 100% against Lordship Salvation and I absolutely DO believe that repentance is required for salvation. So anyone who tries to portray critics of the Lordship Salvation heresy as not believing in repentance is ignorant. Repentance is essential in order to be saved.

The truth is that there are two drastically different views of what it means to “repent.” And this is where the conflict arises today in the churches. I believe the problem has been caused by the hundreds of corrupt new Bible versions, which have redefined repentance from “a change of mind” to mean “a change of lifestyle.” Case in point, consider the Satanic “Easy-To-Read” Version of the Bible, which redefines the word “repent” in Mark 1:15 to require changing your life and your heart in order to be saved. That is total heresy! You change your mind about sin (John 3:20), admitting that you're a guilty sinner (Romans 3:19), and you believe the Gospel to be saved (Mark 1:15).

Here is an excellent 17:21 minute video by Dr. Hank Lindstrom explaining the simple Gospel and how you can be saved without works. Beware of Dr. James White's heresy of Lordship Salvation, which requires a change of lifestyle to seal and validate one's salvation. In sharp contrast to the heresy of Paul Washer, John MacArthur and James White, please read the beautiful words of Romans 4:5-6 about the imputed righteousness of God, which is without works of any sort, “But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness. Even as David also describeth the blessedness of the man, unto whom God imputeth righteousness without works.” Whew, that's good stuff!!!

I do not believe that adherents of Lordship Salvation are saved, because they confuse salvation with discipleship. Acts 15:1, “And certain men which came down from Judaea taught the brethren, and said, Except ye be circumcised after the manner of Moses, ye cannot be saved.” The false prophets in Acts 15:1 were not saved. They were still hellbound in their sins, advocates of a false plan of salvation. This is no different than the heresy of Lordship Salvation, which requires a person to follow Christ (discipleship) in order to be saved. Here are some helpful quotes between salvation and discipleship. END

“Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised)” —Hebrews 10:23

LINK TO ARTICLE: http://www.jesusisprecious.org/wolves/james_white.htm

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How The Modern Translations Attack the Deity of Jesus Christ by Dr. Douglas D. Stauffer
How Modern Translations Attack The Doctrine of Salvation by Dr. Douglas Stauffer
The New King James PerVersion by Dr. Douglas D. Stauffer

Some examples of the new versions of the bible.
The Green Bible

Illuminated Bible
Take a good look at the symbol used and see what you can make of it.


The Message bible---THE MYSTIC MESS


The Message Bible: What is the Message? | Amos 3:7

The Message Bible: What is the Message? The woman who coined the term New Age, occultist Alice Bailey, (believing that we were on the threshold of a new


The best critique I've seen yet! The presentation in all these links is good and worth your time to read them.

The Message Behind The Message by Elliott Nesch |





THE MESSAGE "bible" by My Word Like Fire


The Message "bible" inserts earth reverence god of "green" hope by My Word Like Fire

The Message "bible" sin saloon and smart mouth college by My Word Like Fire

The New Age Implications of The Message “Bible’s” “As Above, So Below”

By Warren B. Smith
Author of A “Wonderful” Deception


PIC FROM ARTICLE By Submerging Church



We know we're in the last days, as the word says there will be mockers.


Jude 17-18 But, beloved, remember ye the words which were spoken before of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ;


v.18 How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts. (strong desires)





Christian Bible Studies | BereanResearchInstitute.com

‎'The Message' by Eugene Peterson is a corrupt new version that opposes God's word.





From David Hocking on the Textus Receptus

(The Greek text behind the King James Bible)

We receive many questions from time to time about the Greek text behind the King James Bible. It is referred to as the "TEXTUS RECEPTUS" - meaning the "Received Text" - that which was used by the churches for so many years.

The first edition of the Greek text to be published was that of Desiderius Erasmus in 1516 AD, followed by his edition in 1519 AD which was used by Martin Luther for his German translation of the Bible. Erasmus also published editions in 1522, 1527, and 1535 AD, the last two of which contained some changes from the Complutensian Polyglot printed in 1514 AD, but not circulated until 1522 AD. This Complutensian Greek text was reprinted with only a few changes in 1571, 1572, 1573, 1574, 1583, 1584 AD, and in Geneva, editions were put out from 1609 to 1628 AD.

Simon Colinaeus, a printer in Paris, published an edition of the Greek text in 1534 AD based upon those of Erasmus and the Complutensian Greek NT. It was superseded by the famous editions of his step-son, Robert Stephens, who printed editions in 1546, 1549, and 1550 AD, the last one known as the "royal edition." This was the primary Greek text used by the King James translators, along with additions by Theodore Beza, especially the one of 1598 AD.

The Elzevir partners, Bonaventure and Abraham, published editions of the Greek text in 1624, 1633, and 1641, following primarily the 1565 edition by Theodore Beza. The preface to the 1633 edition gave the name to this historical tradition of manuscript evidence and called it "Textus Receptus." In the course of time, it was applied to the Stephens text of 1550 AD and those which followed. The primary edition behind this Greek text is that of F.H.A. Scrivener that was published by Cambridge University Press in 1894 and 1902 AD.

About two-thirds of the NT Greek text was discovered in the 20th century AD - manuscripts that preceded 300 AD and the famous Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus, and Codex Alexandrinus.

Codex Vaticanus differs greatly from the Textus Receptus throughout the NT. The great Greek scholar Dean Burgon published in 1881 that in the gospels alone, Codex Vaticanus omits 2877 words, adds 536, substitutes 935, transposes 2098, and modifies 1132 - making 7578 total changes! Codex Sinaiticus has 8972 changes from the Textus Receptus.

The popular Greek texts of today are dependent upon two ecumenical institutes in Germany. To illustrate, the 26th edition of the Nestle Greek text was done according to Kurt Aland "in cooperation with the appropriate agencies of the Roman Catholic Church."

Codex Vaticanus is the Greek text used by the Emphatic Diaglot which is behind the Watchtower Bible of the Jehovah Witnesses.

Codex Vaticanus ends at Hebrews 9:14 and excludes the Pastoral Epistles and the book of Revelation. It contains all 14 Apocryphal books - contains 7579 changes from the Textus Receptus.

Codex Sinaiticus has one-half of its NT leaves missing, and contains the Epistle of Barnabas and the Shepherd of Hermes. It has 9000 changes from the Textus Receptus.

Tischendorf, the one who found Codex Sinaiticus, made 3369 changes in his 8th edition from his 7th edition.

In English, the above two MSS make over 30,000 changes.

Today we have over 5500 Greek MSS, over 10,000 Latin MSS, and over 4000 in other primary languages. We also have over 86,000 separate references in the writings of early church leaders.

The King James Bible was translated by 54 men who labored from 1607 to 1610 AD - spent hours in prayer and insisted on unanimous decisions on the readings of the text. It was indeed a remarkable effort and has been the Bible of the English speaking world for over 350 years.
David Hocking
HFT Connect

Yep in Revelation 22:18-19 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book.

v.19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the city, and from the things which are written in this book.

Recently I discovered and you all should check this out in your version whatever it is. In Revelation 22:21 the very last verse the devil has removed CHRIST from that verse. It should read in verse 21 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

Think about this. We are to win Christ. How can we win him, when these wicked translators remove Christ from his word.

Philippians 3:8

8 Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ,

Would like to mention a verse that has totally been removed from many bibles from I John 5:7 For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.

Then in the corrupt foot notes with LIES, they say this; Some very late manuscripts add in heaven - the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit, and these three are one. And we have three witnesses on earth. ( Not found in any Greek manuscripts, before the fourteenth century. )

Can't feature anyone taking the Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost out of the bible. It's pretty nervy of them.

JESUS IS THE WORD as in John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

NOTE: All three persons of the Godhead were present at the baptism of Jesus.

Matthew 3:16-17

16 And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him:

17 And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.

ONE OTHER NOTE: In 1 John 5, the word RECORD (WITNESS) is said three times in that chapter. This is significant. The witness is in the Word of God, as to verse 7 that is removed by ALL perversions of the bible.

We already know, that these translators will not be in the book of life; according to this verse.

Revelation 22:18-19

18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

The NIV undergoes revisions every now and then.  Wonder if will be  recognizable from the real text one day?

Best-Selling Bible for Conservative Evangelicals to Undergo Revision


An excellent link, showing where the changes are and the perversions of the NIV.


I put these on Facebook to warn my other christian friends and new Christians.

A lady at church saw this, I posted this on FB and she was questionable about the symbol that is on the NKJ bible, that it has the intertwined 666 on there. She is a friend of mine. I just want to make sure that the "symbol" does mean "666" . My church has chair bible's that is the ESV. Sarah

PIC from article by Endtime Observer



It's an ecumenical bible, very ecumenical.

The NIV completely removes this verse from it in I John 5:8 For there are three that bear record (witness) in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.

Then in the footnotes, the NIV and many other versions cast doubt that this verse was even in the original. It's not fathomable that these new versions have removed the Father, Holy Ghost and the Word from them. Then the final straw and there are thousands of words removed and replaced with others or added. The NIV removes Christ in the very last verse of Revelation.

Revelation 22:21 The grace of our Lord Jesus CHRIST be with you all. Amen.

One last note. Newer versions have sought to change the gender of God, which is blasphemous. God is always in the masculine gender in his word.



NIV also problem now, not just The Message



This is all about the ESV bible, a very popular version. This article is from Lighthouse Trails.

The English Standard Version (ESV) Study Bible. “A Dream Come True”?
Written and compiled by Art K.
Comment from Art K.
Before we accept this translation as “a dream come true,” we need to examine the ESV bible carefully and ponder the words of Jesus, “And Jesus answered and said unto them, ‘Take heed that no man deceive you.’” Mt. 24:4
Please see article by clicking on this link below.


There's a link at the bottom of this article to click on, so you can see the differences in the ESV.

My Comment only: This is what apostate John Piper says about the ESV. DISCERN what he is saying.

Video cited in the Lighthouse Trails article.


THE FOUNDATION OF THE ESV (Excellent info as to why the ESV is CORRUPT) LINK TO ARTICLE: http://www.av1611.org/kjv/ESV_Foundation.html

EXCERPT: There’s one itsy-bitsy problem with the publishers ancestry claim to the “original”. Just a small one. . . We do not have the “original words” or the “original texts” or the “original manuscripts.” We do not have the “original” books penned by Moses, or David, or Isaiah, or the apostle Paul. We wouldn’t even know they were the originals if we held them in our hand! We have copies of the “originals”. We have many copies. And we have different copies. Over 6,000 “pieces” of the Greek New Testament exist. And not all are the same. . .

That introduces an interesting dilemma – what was the Lord “referring to” when He stated in Matthew 24:35, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.”? (There are hundreds of other verses proclaiming the importance and promise of the preservation of the Word of God.)

We can glean a couple of very important facts from Matthew 24:35:

1) God has clearly promised to preserve His words – “my words shall not pass away”.
2) God has clearly placed a lot of importance on His words - “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.”? .

And we learn something else – something very important. And it’s something that has completely eluded this generation regarding the preservation and inspiration of the Word of God.

The “original” manuscripts are not the “my words” of Matthew 24:35!

And I can prove that statement with one simple, indisputable, irrefutable, FACT.

The “originals” have “passed away”! And God’s “words shall NOT pass away.”

If the “original manuscripts” are the only true, God-breathed, genuine words of God (as proposed by the majority of today’s “original-blind” Christian leaders) then Jesus Christ lied in Matthew 24:35 (and tons of other verses) because the “originals” are “passed away”. All the bold proclamations of true to “the originals” are simply a big fat lie. Preachers who stand in the pulpit week after week telling his congregation “the original says” is lying. Bible publishers who claim to be “true” to the originals are lying. No one on this earth “knows” what the originals say because we do not have “the originals.” Anyone that sells you a Bible or tells you the “original text” or “original” says is either flat-out lying or grossly ignorant of Bible manuscript evidence. There is no middle ground. Truth is truth. And the truth is we do not have the “originals”.

But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man's conscience in the sight of God.
2 Corinthians 4:2

Here's another excellent video with Gail Riplinger who wrote New Age Versions.
One hour 36 minutes long.

My Comment: We have "NEW AGE BIBLE VERSIONS by Gail Riplinger, and it's great!

The James White Controversy - Parts 1 thru 7 By Gail Riplinger


This is a good read by Gail Riplinger, refuting James White's attack on Riplinger's book, NEW AGE BIBLE VERSIONS

This was written by Robert Duffrin from Face book, on the Message so-called new bible.

The Message slips "As it is above so it is below," (a core New Age teaching) into the Lord's prayer. It also replaces
Mtw 24:5 "For many will come in My name, saying, 'I am the Christ,' and will mislead many," with "doomsday naysayers."

Incidentally, the latter half of CCC 2782 also seems pretty New Age-friendly (notice the capital "C" in "Christs."

2782 We can adore the Father because he has caused us to be reborn to his life by adopting us as his children in his only Son: by Baptism, he
incorporates us into the Body of his Christ; through the anointing of his
Spirit who flows from the head to the members, he makes us other "Christs."
God, indeed, who has predestined us to adoption as his sons, has conformed
us to the glorious Body of Christ. So then you who have become sharers in
Christ are appropriately called "Christs."34

My Comment: Seems those that authoring these perversions of the bible are getting bolder and bolder to change the Word of God into something that is not the Word of God at all. It is blasphemous what they are doing. But we know the hatred that exists for God's holy word as he gave it.

Deceived on Purpose: The New Age Implication of the Purpose Driven Church by Warren Smith


An old fashioned book burning on Halloween of every PERVERSION of the bible there is in Seattle, Washington Baptist Church.


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