We have known Dave Panico for many years. He's a faithful brother in Christ. Here's a sample of this, from his Christmas newsletter; which you can receive too!

DAVE'S WEBSITE: http://www.soaringsaxman.com/

SCROLL DOWN ON PAGE TO HEAR HIS MUSIC. Look for the playing sax. SONG: His Eyes Are On The Sparrow is my favorite song. Dave plays it so beautifully.

Here's his newsletter for Christmas, 2013. A MUST READ:


EXCERPT: Jesus died on the cross because he had compassion on us and loved us. It was a sacrifice and the payment so all of us can have a place in heaven. The cost of getting into heaven is way too high for anyone to pay. The cost is living a perfect life without sin. Bribery, Money, fast talking, deceitful practices will not get anyone into heaven. No politics here!!! Only Jesus was able to live that perfect life without sin. In the old testament of the Bible, people had to kill innocent animals to pay the price for their sins /wrong doings. It’s the blood of a lamb that pays for the sins. This was a regular ritual that was done until Jesus came along.

Christmas is about giving and the giving part here is that God gave his absolute best for us even though many of us deny him. Let me ask you parents, would you be willing to sacrifice your son or daughter for the sake of another person? Even if that person is a murderer? What about if that person was a good person? I know I couldn’t do it but God did it and Jesus obeyed willingly. This is the true act of love. The birth of Jesus is why we celebrate Christmas.

I think of veterans who served our country. Not only the ones alive but the ones I’ll never know because they may have died or been tortured in battle. Their sacrifice gave me /us the freedom we have in this country. Our freedom came with a sacrifice of blood.

DAVE'S VIDEOS: http://www.soaringsaxman.com/Video.htm


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Dave's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dave.panico

Dave's KING CAT INSTRUMENTALIST AWARD PAGE: http://soaringsaxman.com/home/blog/2015-king-cat-instrumentalist-aw...

Dave Panico Seeks Something Different In His Music

PIC OF Dave Panico from his new webpage

Unlike some artists who limit themselves to a singular style and set of influences, Dave Panico cites a fascinating array of jazz legends and contemporary greats as having an impact on his own exciting mix of compelling melodies, strong rhythms and transcendent improvisations. “I am always looking to do something different with my music. Smooth Jazz can become redundant in its sound, so I like to put a different spin on the music.”

Much of the influence in Dave’s music stems from a time when he would listen to his parents 1940s-era big band recordings. He absorbed the likes of Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong, Pete Fountain, and later in life Spyro Gyra, Tower of Power, and Earth Wind and Fire.

Dave’s sound is further influenced by the Christian values that resonate throughout his music. From inspiration to performance, Dave never hesitates giving credit where credit is due.

Today, all those influences are masterfully blended to form the unique Smooth Jazz sound that can only called Dave’s. He has produced three albums, the most recent of which is titled Tasty Treat, released earlier this year. He received the Instrumental Artist of the Year Award both at the 2015 King Cat Music Awards and the 2007 Kansas City Christian Music Awards, along with receiving a nomination for the acclaimed Instrumental Artist of the Year Award in 2008 from IndieHeaven-Momentum Awards, Nashville, Tennessee.

Recently KC Cafe Radio Music Director Kathy Forste spoke with Dave via Skype. They talked about those old big band recordings, growing up with music in his life,, as well as his early stints in music performance, playing in rock, heavy metal and even reggae bands. Dave also touches on the Christian message that is woven into his music, as well as the “smooth jazz sound.”

AUDIO 25:39 minutes with Dave Panico that you won't want to miss at this link: http://kccaferadio.com/dave-panico-seeks-something-different-in-his...

Listen to and buy Tasty Treat here:

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